February 1, 2021 - February 28, 2021

Throughout history, Black artists always have inspired art, culture, music and design. Despite their genius, these artists often have found their work exploited and their contributions minimized. To be taken seriously, many creatives have found that Ivy-League training and representation by blue chip galleries has been the way to success—if they could gain access to those worlds.

However, Sugarcane inspires and intuitively finds talent regardless of such connections, artists who speak about life, heartbreak, struggle and triumph—all with the stroke of a brush or the repurposing of an object. These artists are giants with a story to tell. INVISIBLE, an exhibition and sale, provides a new platform and adds to the narrative of artist excellence.

INVISIBLE is a survey of emerging and mid-career artists who share a common dedication to their art and a love for Black culture. Many of these artists were interviewed by Sugarcane Magazine Founder Melissa Davis or represented by GoodGirlPR during unprecedented times. Their work embodies everything that makes being Black exciting: rich melanin, expressive speech, creativity, strength and diversity of expression.

For art sales, email sales@invisibleexhibit.com.